Monday, June 15, 2009

Calling all gardeners!!!

To quote Stewie Griffin, "Victory is mine!". I just got back from the city commission meeting where they gave the thumbs up on our rogue garden I wrote about a couple posts ago. I guess all the grave concerns our nosey neighbor had proved to be not very high on the terrorist watch list as she may have at first believed. In fact, one of the commissioners said it was a perfect use of the space and hopes he sees more pop up around town.
OK, so here's the deal. We need gardeners. All you need to do is give me a call and express interest. There is no rent for the space. We have access to water. There is some good planting dirt around. Penny Krebiehl from Little Artshram Garden has told me she has some manure and other goodies if we need them. The only caveat is your garden needs to be organic. You are 100% responsible for the construction and up keep of it. I would love to buy some of your produce to use on the menu but we can work that out as time goes on.
Call me if you are interested: (231)946-8700


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