Monday, April 13, 2009

33 moments of happiness in the kitchen continued.

Here is the continuation of my list of 33 moments of happiness in the kitchen that I started sometime ago. Click here to read the first 11.
12. It's a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant is closed today but for some reason my family and I are here. The sun is shining and there is a cool breeze blowing and I have the door open. There aren't many people on the street but on occasion someone pops their head in to see if we're open. I'm not doing much of anything but fiddling around. The family tells me they are hungry and I make a simple lunch for us. We sit at one of the tables eating and just talking about nothing. Ah, is this not happiness?
13. My son and I are out and about when we stop in at a store to buy something. While walking down one of the aisles we are stopped by someone who recognizes me because of the restaurant, and because of this my son feels proud. Ah, is this not happiness?
14. Out of the blue a dear friend, whom I have spoken with for many years, contacts me for advise on a recipe and we rekindle our friendship because of this. Ah, is this not happiness?
15. I'm washing a sink full of lettuce. Each leaf has to be handled carefully so as to not bruise it. While picking the various lettuces from their stems or roots, I find myself day dreaming about nothing in particular. Ah, is this not happiness?
16. A slice of bread with butter and honey on it. Ah, is this not happiness?
17. There is a feast planned and a spit roasted whole lamb is the center piece. Because the lamb will take so long to cook the day has to start early and everybody is tired. There is a struggle getting the lamb wired on the spit so it turns evenly but along with this struggle there is laughter at the difficulties. Then there ensues a heated debate about how to arrange the coals for proper roasting. But after the lamb is on the spit and coals have been arranged we sit down for the long, patient roasting, eagerly looking forward to that first bite. A couple hours into it, another friend arrives with a loaf of bread and a couple bottles of wine. We sit there drinking wine and sopping up the juices off the roasting lamb with the bread and telling stories. Suddenly I realize finishing the lamb in no longer the point. Ah, is this not happiness?
18. Watching a small child pick up their food with their fingers and putting it on the fork before putting it in their mouth. Ah, is this not happiness?
19. It's Saturday morning, my absolute favorite time of any week, I'm walking around the farmer's market looking at the produce. As I move around the grounds talking to some of my favorite farmers one of them pulls out from underneath his counter a dozen guinea hen eggs he gathered just that morning and asks if I'm interested. Without hesitation I buy them and then spend the rest of my time moving from vendor to vendor looking for ideas with which I can pair the eggs for that nights service. By the end of my time I have a basket full of new items and a new dish in my head featuring my guinea hen eggs. Ah, is this not happiness?
20. Later that day I get a call from the same farmer who sold me the above eggs wanting reservations for dinner. I am able to serve him the dish I created with his eggs. Ah, is this not happiness?
21. The phone rings and it's a morel hunter telling me he has a basket of morels for me to buy. They are first ones of the new season. Ah, is this not happiness.
22. The look of a freshly polished copper pot. Ah, is this not happiness?
Eleven more to go.


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