Monday, February 16, 2009

Up Date

It seems I have ran into a void in my thinking. I don't know if it's just because I'm busy and don't have much time to just mull things over or if I have hit a genuine wall. My reading hasn't slowed down much; I'm just finishing up "Darwin's Dangerous Idea" by Daniel Dennet. A very good read. Next up are a stack of Middle-Earth books. I love Tolkien and could live in his universe. I could be a hobbit. My cooking is progressing very nicely. For my birthday my wife gave me Gordan Ramsey's new cookbook, "Three Star Chef". What a great book. I am a big fan of Chef Gordan Ramsey despite all the bad press he seems to get. He truly is a great chef and someone I look to as a model. I enjoyed reading his recipes. Ramsey's style is based on great product simply cooked; a style I also espouse. We are keeping busy at the restaurant and market. Jen has done an excellent job at getting the market up and running. She has some great ideas. I am sure glad we are able to use our mutual talents together. I've been cooking lunch since around the middle of December and I think this has a lot to do with my lack of time to get anything else done. It will be nice when we pick up again and I can hire another lunch cook. A couple things of note. Our pulled pork sandwich is featured on the cover of "Traverse Magazine". It's their food issue and our pulled pork was #6 in a list of 46 of the best dishes in Northern Michigan. We've gone from selling 1 or 2 pulled pork sandwiches a day to 15 or so. We were also interviewed on the Detroit based show, "Come to the Table" and it aired last Sunday. When they have a link up I'll post it so you guys can hear it. I suppose for now this is all. I'm hoping to get out of this slump sometime soon.


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