Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up

It's been a good few weeks for the restaurant and the market and I thought I would take a few moments to catch everyone up. 1. Our pulled pork sandwich is featured on the cover of Traverse magazine. We pretty grateful for the exposure. The magazine has a pretty wide readership and it has been an honor having some of our food featured. 2. Apparently we have been voted "community heroes" because of the restaurant and market. I guess it's because of our focus on local. I don't have much information on this one yet. Someone came into the market and was talking to Jen about it. I'll keep you posted. 3. Jen and I were invited to a farming summit yesterday. There were about 100 or so people there. The whole process was there; there were farmers/producers, infrastructure people, people who are involved with the governing process, finance people, then there were restaurant, market, and other buyers at the end of the process. What a great day spent trying to see how we can get farming a larger presence in the economy. Hopefully as time goes on this summit will produce some good results that will help stimulate the local economy. 4. So a couple weeks ago I got the worst cut I have ever had; I almost cut off the tip at the nail on my left index finger. The irony of it is this wasn't a kitchen accident. I was down in my office doing some work when I did it. I had, that's had, a folding chair I sat on. Well, I went to pull it up under myself when my finger found itself under the seat part and on top of the bar the seat part sat on. Yea, it was fun; one of those moments in one's life when the lights go dark for a split second. To make a gory, long story short, I needed 4 stitches through the nail. Apparently there wasn't much holding the flap of skin on. Needless to say my knife skills are pretty good but my chair skill truly suck. 5. Business has been pretty good. The market is taking off with people really liking the East Indian food we offer over there. Jen is becoming quite the Indian food chef. It's not an easy cuisine to do correctly; if it's not done right it turns out pretty one dimensional but when done right there is an amazing amount of complexity. We are hoping to make a trip to India next year and spend some time in a couple restaurants. Our friends Mutka and Himanshu are going to help us get in. So that's about it. Now back to work.


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