Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes, I'm still here

Hi all. It's been a while since my last post. I've been pretty busy with holiday business and the opening of the market. Things are plugging along very well. We had a better than expected December which was a nice surprise. I've spent the last couple hours going through seed catalogs looking at what is available out there. We have had more than a few of the amazing farmers who live up here approach us looking for a list of items we want to them to grow. I've put my two cents in and now I pass the list to Jen and let her go to town. There is so much out there it is truly unbelievable. I am so excited with the up coming year to see what we will have to work with. The goal we set for ourselves for this first year open was to just survive and as each day passes I think we'll do that just fine. That leaves us with looking ahead to the time that follows our first year. We are going to keep incorporating more and more heirloom vegetables into the menu and as we get to know our growers this will become easier with each passing season. It's a blast thinking about not just using carrots, but Atomic Red Carrots; not just potatoes, but LaRatte potatoes; not just run of the mill hard squashes, but Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash. What the hell is skirret? I don't know but if someone grows it for me I'll use it with pride. I think this whole business of a scarcity of fresh vegetables available in Northern Michigan will begin to dwindle if we, and by we I mean all of us who live here, show the farmers there is interest and a reason to have items available. We have to give the farmers reason to grow these items and make them available and we do that by buying the items they sell now. Do you want more, buy more locally. OK, off my box. We are going to make the Wellington Street Market the place to come to if you want fresh, locally raised vegetables in these harsh winter months, and time goes on and again with each passing season we will provide a greater variety. The cookbook is coming along slowly now. I have only 12 more recipes to get done, but finding the time to get them done is becoming increasingly more difficult. I guess I'll just have to find the time. Buck up buddy. We are very excited about the book. As I go along it is starting to sound like my manifesto to cooking. Don't know if anyone will be interested in buying it but it has given me a lot of clarity as far as my own cooking goes. I received the cookbook, "Cooking" by James Peterson for Christmas from a couple of our regular customers. If you are a serious cook, then I want to encourage you to go out and get a copy of this book. It is one of the best ever general cooking books I have seen. It is a great reference book for professionals and an even better teaching manual for amateur cooks. Well worth the price of admission. Learned the importance of forgiveness this past week. Can't really share any of the details, but wish I could. Basically I learned that when we are forgiven much, we have to in turn forgive those who may have offended us little. Thank you to two very good friends for teaching me this lesson. Have to run. I have to install the credit card machine at the market so we can quite doing credit cards the old school way. Thank you to all who have supported us this past year and we look forward to the up coming year with excitement, anticipation, and expectation.


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I know that the roots of skirret seem like sweet potatoes to me I haven't personally tried the rest of the plant.

2/16/2009 9:55 PM  

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