Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bad Dog! Bad Dog!

OK, I'll take this slow for those of you whom may not understand. Let's pretend you are making a reservation at my restaurant... ring, ring, ring... "Thank you for calling The Cooks' House. How may I help you?" "Yes, I would like to make a reservation for 8 at 7:00pm." "8 at 7:00pm. Perfect. See you this evening." It may be me, but I don't see anything there that says, "and we are going to a movie at 8:30". No, I guess it's better to come in and order three courses, take you time, and then at 8:05 tell us you have an 8:30 movie, and this BEFORE you receive your entrees. We must have set a new land speed record getting the entrees for 8 people ready so they can at least get a couple bites before they have to leave. Guys, listen, do you have somewhere to be at a certain time? Great, no problem. Let your server know and I will guarantee you will get out with time to spare and still be able to enjoy your food. Do not, let me repeat, do not pop that on the the restaurant staff last minute. It's not fair to them, nor you.


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