Saturday, December 20, 2008

Number 100

Well folks, you've had to sit through 99 posts of drivel and now I present number 100. When I started the blog I was employed in a restaurant that was sucking the very life out of my cooking (not to mention my very existence) and I began to blog to help keep my sanity, but now 100 posts later I am co-owner of not only a restaurant but also a neighborhood market. How far I've come in just a few words. Here is a link to a recent interview Jen and I did for the opening of the market. Hope you enjoy it and if you live in the Traverse City area hope we will see you soon in the market. The market is coming along very nicely. We have filled the shelves with produce that is in season. Yes, you can get fresh local vegetables in Northern Michigan even though there is a foot or two of snow on the ground. We also feature a number of take out items ranging from East Indian curries to meat loaf. There are sweets, breads, milk, a bunch of Michigan made cheeses, eggs, and the like. Don't forget about teas and coffee. Hope to see you soon and lets see where the next 100 posts take us.


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