Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Cornerstone

Last night when I got home from the restaurant I went to my son's room, which happens to be the basement of the house, to hang out with him. I do this most every night because I just like being with him and catching up on his day. I have said before that there will be too many things in life I will miss because of my profession, but I will not miss my boy growing up and he will not have a distant dad. Calvin is learning to play the bass guitar. He takes weekly lessons. He looks up tabs of his favorite songs on the internet and more often than not he plays for me what he has been learning while I'm down in his room. Last night he was playing his heart out on some song he has been working on. His I-Pod is hooked up to an exterior speaker and the song is playing on it while he plays the bass part. He has some time to go before he'll be playing for Metallica or his other favorite band Tool, but he's giving it his best. As I sat there listening last night I had such a feeling of pride for him that made me form some tears in my eyes, at that moment I was so proud of him and to have him as my son. I've not yet written of my most important source of inspiration, my Mom but last night I caught a glimpse of my Mom's heart and the support she has given me for as long as I can remember. She has always been my biggest fan and my biggest supporter. I look back over my cooking career and at every moment she was there rooting me on, from my beginnings as a lowly apprentice to the opening of the restaurant, every step of the way she has waved my flag with an enthusiasm only a mom could muster. In some of my hardest times as a chef, when all the cards seemed to be stacked against me and I questioned my abilities I would always think of my Mom and how proud she is of me no matter what anyone else thought. She would deny having any influence on my career but in the end she has been the cornerstone that has helped me hold it all together. No matter what, I have always known there is a women in Arizona who thinks I'm the best chef in the world. Thank you Mom.


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