Monday, October 27, 2008

Amateur Cooks Rejoice!!

Last night we had the privilege of hosting an Indian dinner with two cooks from Kalamazoo, MI. Mukta Joshi and Himanshu Pant joined us and cooked 5 traditional Indian courses. What was amazing is the fact these two have not spent one day in a professional kitchen and are not professional chefs. We, that is, Jen, Carlos, and myself, acted purely as a support staff to help them organize, do some minor prep, and serve the food. They did everything else. It is no secrete that I am a champion for amateur cooks and that I believe whole heartily that the serious amateur cook can produce restaurant quality food if they put their minds to it. Last night was proof of my contention. We served a total of 36 people in two seating's. They started prepping for the dinner at 9:00am and we started the first service at 5:00pm. By the end of the evening they were a bit tired but elated. They felt what it is like to complete a successful dinner service and the pride that goes along with it. During service Jen and I came up with the idea of making this a regular feature at the restaurant. We want to do a series of 6 or so dinners over the few months that feature an amateur cook cooking their food and their menu. I think this will be a blast. I'll keep you posted as time goes on.


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