Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wellington St. Market

So there I was cooking and having a fine time a couple weeks ago. The phone rings and it's Jen, "Chef(she still calls me chef even though I've told her countless times we are in this thing on equal terms, she's also chef), the House of Dogs is up for lease! What a perfect place for the market we want to do. Watta ya think?" What do I think? I think I'm up to my eye balls in orders, but it sounds like a good idea. And it is. The market is located just around the corner from the restaurant. If I take my time it takes all of 1 minuet to walk there. We have made September our target goal for opening. It is our intention to take the concept of the restaurant and translate it into a local, neighborhood market. Local and sustainable are to two key words once again at the Wellington Street Market. I'll keep you posted as we go along.


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