Sunday, June 29, 2008

Relaxing with a Cup of Tea

It's Sunday morning, 11:30am. I'm sitting in the dinning room of the restaurant with a cup of tea. It's a beautiful day here in Traverse City and I am feeling well. Had our busiest dinner service last night yet. All went well. The servers were spot on and Carlos, my son and other cook, performed extremely well also. Some excitement around 7:30 though. Up here there weather can change in an instant and that is what happened last night. We had 5 table sitting outside enjoying a calm, cool, and beautiful evening when out of no where these black clouds rolled in with high winds. Dishes, glasses, napkins, and even a table went flying. Rain started pouring down and everyone went running for cover. Really quite exciting. Luckily enough all the table except one were finished with dinner. Our one table left with no dinner wanted to wait out the storm but after about 10 minuets decided to take a rain check with us. I felt horrible. The family is out of town until next Tuesday. They are visiting friends and family in Las Vegas. I have a tendency to get a big edgy when they are gone but Jen has told me I have a pretty good boy this time around. Last time they went away was when we still lived in Las Vegas. Theresa and Calvin went out of town, to where I can't recall, and I switched into my "they are gone. I'm a lost puppy" self. A few days into my time alone Jen, who was then my sous-chef, came up to me and said, "Chef, we (we, being the whole kitchen) have decided you must either go home or up to the office, but you can't stay in the kitchen." Apparently I was being rather difficult (I know, it shocked me also). I guess I was walking around nit picking everything, yelling at waiters, not liking anything the kitchen was sending out. Jen sent me home. She said she and the staff was not going to put up with me like this and I needed to go home and think about being on better behavior. So I left but didn't come back any better. But, this time I've behaved myself. Business has been good. We are staying busy and I am having the time of my life.


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