Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Think They Get It

I have to share something with you that happened this evening during dinner service. We were busy, the dinning room was full. I had about 5 tickets hanging on the line and was picking up the entrees on two or three of them. I think I was burning a flourless chocolate cake and was wondering how I was going to get that damn walleye cleaned before I needed to pick it up in a couple minuets. The people eating were having a good time. I could hear them laughing, talking, and generally enjoying themselves. I was in the weeds. I think I was singing the song, "I feel pretty", you know, "I feel pretty, oh so pretty...", to myself and trying to keep things in order. I was in the zone baby! Suddenly out of no where applause erupted from the dinning room. It scared the shit out of me. I turned around to see half of the diners standing up and clapping. Yes, because of the food. Thank you very much. Now this was a first for me but I think what I really like about it, beside a huge boost to the ego (not that I need it, just ask my wife), but it seemed to me that they were getting the point of it all. Good food, great food, should cause us to get aroused. Dinning with friends with a good bottle of wine and some good food should give us cause to stand and clap. Not for me, though I'll take that anytime so bring it on, but for the experience of eating with each other as friends. Let the food you eat give you joy and happiness and let it make you emotional.


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