Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who Knew?

I've got one for ya. There is a father and son team who does the maintenance on the building we are in. So this morning they come in to fix one our over head lights in the dish room. We talk for a while and I ask about who is responsible for the plumbing as our toilet is flushing slowly. To make a fairly mundane conversation short the father tell me he's known as the "toilet guy" around town and proceeded to tell me the lines are going to be flushed out in the next couple days and this should fix the problem. All that to come to this. Fast forward to just a few moments ago. I was outside cleaning our windows when the "toilet guy" comes out of one of the spaces and we start talking about not much, just small talk. As the conversation goes on he gets to telling me about a hobby of his. Now I would expect him to be into tying flies for fishing, or maybe taxidermy. or if I were to get exotic perhaps pipe collecting. Guy, can we have the answer please? That would be none of the above, Gene. He, in fact, makes harps. Harps, not simple ones either, I hope the picture I posted with this does them justice. He took me over to an art gallery in our building where one of his harps is on display. The inlay work is amazing. He cuts every piece out by hand, no machine work involved. These are works of art. Again, I am just amazed with what appears to be such simple people in our area making some of the most amazing things. So I guess the lesson to be learned here is it doesn't matter what one does for a living to be a great artist. Just look at the "toilet guy".


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