Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random Ramblings

I know, I know, isn't there something else I should be doing? After all, we open in 5 days, 2 hours, 8 minuets, and 36, no 34, no 29 seconds....but who's counting. I am taking my morning tea where I always do, in front of my computer and instead of checking out my normal sites (which I will do when I'm finished here) I'm doing this. Morning tea is much to important to skip, so my other duties will have to wait. Today we receive most of our product, meats, produce, cheese and dairy, the whole schabang. It's all very exciting. The restaurant is now finished as far as remodeling goes and it looks fabulous. Because winter seems to want to hang on longer than it should we are having to wait for our sign to be but up. It's something about the glue, which will not stick unless it's 50 degrees or more. So we have a temporary one hanging. This long winter is also playing havoc with wild ramp season. We should have some of those beautiful little creatures already but because of the snow and cold none has come up yet. This cold weather is also effecting morels. My whole culinary year revolves around morel season. I spend all year looking forward to it and when it's here I revel in it and when the day my suppliers tell me there are no more morels I start looking forward to the next season. We found an art dealer who places local art on walls of various restaurants, coffee shops and shopping areas. He will be bringing in some art for us to hang on Monday. Just another notch on the whole 'local' paradigm we are supporting. Speaking of tea, the lady who owns Light of Day Teas came in yesterday with her whole speal. It was like a crack dealer to a junkie. We sat there yesterday and drank tea until I thought I was going to explode, literally, tea runs through me like an egg through a funnel. I think we went through at least 10 different teas. We would have gone longer but the health department guy came in and I had to excuse myself. Good thing I have a little self control or else I would have bought more than we can afford for the moment. She does an amazing job and knows her stuff. Pretty cute also, but don't tell my wife. Health department. It's these guys who decide whether a restaurant opens or not. They have the last word. Talk about some power. In Las Vegas the health department would be best described like the gestapo. My last inspector before I left Andre's used to come in with the opening line, "I've shut down (insert number) restaurant(s) today, let's see how you do." I mean this guy would stick a thermometer up my ass to see if I was at correct temperature. This psycho carried a black light so he could check the handles of the reach-in doors for dirt we could not even see. I think you get the idea. Needless to say when I moved up here I was scared to death of the health department. But up here they are more interested in helping the restaurants meet code than in scaring the hell out of them. My inspector is a good guy. I dealt with him at my last place of employment and always found him helpful. We passed inspection are now a licensed food service establishment. I'm out of tea and now have to begin my day.


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