Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Giddy With Excitement

I have started contacting my purveyors and many of these are local farmers/growers. I spoke yesterday with the farmer who will be supplying my eggs. He assured me that they will be no more than a day old when I get them. The cream and milk we will be using is taken from the cow the day before it is delivered to the restaurant. I can get my greens for salads and many of the vegetables I use the same day they are picked. Now coming from a chef's perspective this is all very exciting. Think about how good ice cream will be that is made from day old cream and eggs. We plan on putting a herb box on the window ledge inside the restaurant so we have the freshest of herbs to use. I simply can't believe my good luck. We have finished cleaning and start painting today. The colors they picked are very nice. The dinning room wall is an orangeish color with a shade of white for the ceiling and crown molding. According to the pros orange is a great color for dinning rooms because it stimulates appetite and makes people think one is a better cook than one is (I'll take all the help I can get in that department). What is it with the putting paper on the windows thing when re-modeling? I was going to keep the windows open but when our friend who does interior design for a living showed up to help us with colors she said the first thing we need to do is get paper on the windows. Is there some mystical-magical thing here I just don't get? Have I over looked a law stating windows must be papered when re-modeling? I do not understand; But as Jen is so fond of pointing out, I talk to food all day. Perhaps I am not supposed to understand the paper thing.


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