Friday, February 22, 2008

One More Time!! or Opening: Part 4

OK, here we go again. On Tuesday of next week we sign, yes sign, lease papers and purchase the equipment for a space of our own. Now, it's not the big, grandiose kind of place we had our eye on the last time we tried this but is our own. If truth be told I think the space will qualify us for the title of micro-restaurant. It has a total of 18 seats. Oh but it's so cute. During warmer months we will have seating for around 12-14 more outside. The kitchen is open. In fact, it is very open. Those eating with us will definitely have a feeling of intimatecy with the those cooking their dinners. We will be open for lunch and dinner and also be available for catering. It's funny. I thought when we finally landed our place and it was really going to take shape I would have a feeling of relief. No, I'm scared shitless. Now we have to stand on our own. The future is truly in our own hands. I don't want to let our investors down. I don't want to let my partner down. I don't want let my family down. And, I don't want to blow my dream. I remember telling people from time to time in the past that the perfect restaurant for me would be one that has 20 seats. Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for. With such a small place we have so many options. We have the opportunity to really get down and give each diner the personal attention they deserve. It's really quite exciting. With such a small place we won't have a large overhead and so can still make a good living without the added stress. And talk about keeping the product fresh. We will not have to stock up of a ton of food to keep ahead during the busy times. We can conceivably prep our needs daily. Ferdinand Point, one of my culinary heroes, once said that everyday must start from nothing. That in order to cook truly great food the kitchen can not use yesterdays ingredients but must start new today. I am looking forward to attempting that. At first it's only going to be my amazing wife and myself so that will be difficult. But by June our business partner will have fulfilled her contract with her current job and she will be joining us. We also hope to add two more cooks and one more wait staff before it gets too busy. So by July I think we will be prepping daily for today. One of my biggest concerns, outside of the business aspect, is myself. It will be two years since I last cooked in a great kitchen producing great food. As I have posted before, my current position is not the ideal place to keep ones skills honed. I am out of shape and it shows. It will take a few months before I'm cooking at the level I am able. I also need to start thinking like a chef again. After not having to do so for a couple years has dulled me, but have no fear it's like riding a bike. I just need some time back in the saddle. And the way it looks, I'll have plenty of that. I'll keep you posted as we go along. Our open date is April 1. We have a lot to do in a month. It's an exciting time.


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Mom's always been my biggest fan. Thank Mom.

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