Friday, February 29, 2008


Three words. Oh my god! We have been cleaning for two days straight in the new restaurant and I am just amazed how dirty that place was/is. Every surface was sticky. Everything that was on every surface was sticky. The floor was sticky. Hell, I think the soap they left behind was sticky. The entire space was dirty; the dinning room, the kitchen, the dish room, everywhere we looked. I simply cannot understand this on so many levels. Firstly, the whole space is not more than 500 square feet. That's smaller than my dinning room in my house in Las Vegas when we lived there. How hard is it to run soap and water over the entirety once a day? Secondly, as a chef I do not understand how another chef can allow their kitchen get, and stay, so dirty. A clean kitchen should be an obsessive compulsion. Thirdly, wheres your pride man?! How do you let people in to eat when it looks that bad? As of today we are for the most part finished cleaning. This evening Jen and our friend will be picking out paint colors. Tomorrow we paint the ceilings and Sunday Carlos, a friend of his, and myself take up the challenge to clean the reach-ins, behind the reach-ins, and behind the stove. I looked behind those pieces of equipment last night. It's not going to be a fun afternoon. More later.


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