Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All it needs is a good clean

Yesterday we signed all the legal stuff for the restaurant. My business partner told me our lawyer said I look like a deer in the head lights. Well what do you expect? I'm a cook. I talk to food all day long. I don't know what a 'wherewith' has to do with my 'pertaining to' so I just sign when the lawyer says sign. For all I know I just bought an orange grove on Old Mission Peninsula. Wait a minuet, we can't grow oranges up here. Good thing I trust the guy representing us. So today we start cleaning and boy do we need to clean. It's a total mess. Good thing it's not much bigger than broom closet. We'll have it cleaned up in two days. Jen has a friend who is an interior designer for commercial properties and she will be flying in this weekend to help us get the place fixed up. I'm hoping to get before and after pictures up. This friend of Jen's is very good at her job and so I am very excited to see what she has planned. More as we go along.


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