Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Incredible Edible Egg

The simple, humble egg is to be placed as one of the most important ingredients to found in the kitchen. It's importance is hailed even by Escoffier who said this about it, "Of all the products put to use by the art of cookery, not one is so fruitful of variety, so universally liked, and so complete in itself as the egg. There are very few culinary recipes that do not include eggs, either as a principal constituent or as an ingredient." With this in mind I present to you, "An Ode to the Egg" by Clarence Day: Oh who that ever lived and loved Can look upon an egg unmoved? The egg it is the source of all, 'Tis every one's ancestral hall. The bravest chief that ever fought, The lowest thief that e'er was caught, The harlot's lip, the maiden's leg, They each and all come from an egg. The rocks that once by ocean's surge Beheld the first of eggs emerge- Obscure, defenseless, small and cold- They little knew what egg could hold. The gifts the reverent Magi gave, Pandora's box, Aladdin's cave, Wars, loves, and kingdoms, heaven and hell All lay within that tiny shell. Oh, join me gentlemen, I beg, In honoring our friend, the egg.


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