Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Congratulations Are In Order

I received a telephone call from my former boss on Saturday night. Andre called to wish me a happy new year and during our conversation he told me that Michelin had finally came to Las Vegas to rate it's restaurants and that Andre's had received 1 Michelin star. For the vast majority of the gourmet world, the Michelin Red Guide is the only guide that really matters. I was so happy for him. This is the final stamp of an already great career. Something else came to mind after our conversation, I was the chef of a Michelin level restaurant. Sure, Michelin had not been to Las Vegas yet when I was there but the fact remains that I was cooking at a level the Michelin guide would recognized as at least 1 star. There are only 800 or so starred restaurants in the world. Needless to say, to be rated 1 or more stars by Michelin places the restaurant into the best of the best category in the world.
Congratulations Andre.


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