Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Beauty of Passion

I live in Traverse City, MI. The city has a lot of culture. Recently with the help of Micheal Moore(yes, that Micheal Moore) the old State movie theater has been renovated and among the films and events that takes place there, we now have a live feed from the Metropolitan Opera. We can now see many of the operas live direct from New York. My wife and I attended Romeo and Juliette by Charles Gounod last Sunday. Wow!! I love opera and to see it direct from the Met itself is amazing. The Met offers the viewers of these live feeds some benefits those who attend the opera house cannot see. For one, the words in English are subtitled as the performers sing. This greatly enhanced the experience for me. Another benefit is they take the cameras behind the curtain during scene changes, giving us an opportunity to get some behind the scenes peeks that otherwise would be missed. There are a variety of camera angles that are shown as the opera proceeds and one of these angles shows us the conductor of the symphony as he leads the musicians. This was one of my favorite perks. That particular performance was conducted by none other than Placido Domingo, who had just sang the night before at the Met. What I really loved about watching Maestro Domingo conduct is the passion he felt while he was up there. You could see it on his face and in his movements. As the music played and the singers sang you could see that he felt it all with his total being. It flowed through him and he was caught up in it. I remember thinking how beautiful he looked as he conducted the orchestra. May I also translate my love for kitchen into the beauty I saw in the Maestro that afternoon.


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