Friday, October 5, 2007

Jumping Ship

We have a cook where I work who is leaving the confines of the kitchen and joining the waiting staff. I can't believe it, for the most part this constitutes treason. What makes it all the worse is the fact he is doing it for the money. For the money!!! Sure it's true waiters always make more than the cooks. They always have, but for a cook to decide the money is more important than the kitchen is an outrage.
Cooks have always harbored a distrust and dislike of waiters. Waiters are a completely different breed. They come into work looking sharp. Their hands manicured. Their hair combed just so. They never sweat. Their cloths are always perfectly clean. They make more money and work half the hours of cooks. Shall I go on? OK. They have to be pampered. They don't know a hard days work. Really, what's their job? Take an order and make sure the customer gets what they want. Woop-te-do.
Meanwhile, look at the cooks. We are almost always tired. Our hands and arms are beat up with scars from burns and cuts. We sweat like stuffed pigs. We never smell good when we go home at night. We make dick in the money department. The customer usually doesn't even knows we exist. Tips? Please...on a rare occasion we may get one. We take abuse from the chef on a regular basis. We do not have a social or family life. I mean it takes real love to cook because the conditions are not always the best. But we do it because we love it. There is a brotherhood amongst cooks. Waiters? They are a rabid pack of wolves who will eat each other at a moments notice if it means a bigger tip. So as you can see, I don't take it lightly when a "cook" decides to jump ship and go over to the other side. It just shows me that person doesn't have what it takes to survive in the kitchen. Good luck buddy.


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