Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Opening: part 1

I'm opening a restaurant. We have the necessary investors, we have found a location and we have a vision. I have spent everyday for the last few years dreaming of this. For a chef, having his/her own place is the same as an artist having his/her own studio. For me a restaurant is not simply somewhere where people come to fill their bellies. A great restaurant should take it's place among the museums, art galleries, and theaters in a society. There are restaurants where people go to appease their hunger. We see these on every street corner. But what I am referring to is a place that feeds more than just the body. A great restaurant feeds the spirit, nourishes our well being. To do this takes careful planning. Everything must be right. Everything must have reason. Great restaurants should leave people with a feeling of hope, a sense of gladness for life and a contentment in oneself. When someone leaves it's doors the world should look brighter. My teacher and mentor, Andre Rochat once told me that many of life's most important events take place at the dinner table and because of this the cook has an important responsibility. Top chefs understand this principle innately and this is why they put themselves under so much pressure to perform at the highest level every night. I hope to make my restaurant into a great one. One that becomes a bastion where people can come and renew themselves. One that brings friends closer and aids in the reconciliation of enemies. One that makes life a bit better to live.


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